Courageous Wordsmith

Holding Space to Talk about Race

Episode Summary

After George Floyd's murder in Minneapolis, author and CEO of Fashion Meets Poetry, Lisa Harris held an incredibly powerful event that gave Black women the floor to share their experiences. All other women held space to listen. Stephanie L Walton was one of her guests. Together we talk about that, plus the challenging conversations we need to be having.

Episode Notes

Lisa Harris is an author, storyteller, poet, narrative coach and the CEO and founder of Fashion Meets Poetry. Before entrepreneurship, Lisa spent 18+ years in executive leadership roles working for and with Fortune 100 companies and nationally recognized brands. In 2016, Lisa published her first book, Unveiled Beauty: Handwritten Stories From a Poetic Heart which inspired an entire personal development and storytelling platform. This year marks her 4th year producing Unveiled Beauty storytelling events, coaching and speaking. Today, Lisa successfully helps women unveiled their stories and reclaim their personal power through storytelling. Lisa believes storytelling has the power to heal the world and build meaningful connections with humanity and within ourselves!

Free Your Story! Bravery is Beautiful!

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Stephanie L Walton came to understand that success is failure reengineered. In her own life, she has seem massive failures reengineered into glorious successes. Over the last decade Stephanie has worked with many people to create a plan for their lives.

The lessons she learned in her private and professional life led Stephanie to create her simple-to-use Passion Architectâ„¢ System. In 2018, Stephanie published Succeeding with Passion to help readers unlock their potential and reach new heights. In it, she shares the tools she developed that have helped her overcome homelessness in her youth, heal dysfunctional family relationships, advance in corporate America, and ultimately, pursue her own passion for helping others. Her motivation is something she learned in her faith, "you make your dreams come true, when you help others achieve theirs."

Stephanie has been a leader in several Fortune 500 companies over the last 20 years. Her commitment to self-awareness and vulnerability, courageous leadership, and coaching has successfully allowed her to coach business owners and leaders for nearly a decade.

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