Courageous Wordsmith

How an Artist Claims Her Resilience

Episode Summary

Molly Elizabeth, artist and creative mentor, talks about her journey to healing, and the (maybe not so) surprising role art has played in claiming self-trust.

Episode Notes

Molly Elizabeth, the artist and imagination champion behind The Darling Revolution, talks about finding healing through art, first with postpartum depression (and since then, other chaotic events).

This conversation surprised us both when it led us into Molly's former religious ties, how she chose to trust herself over church teachings, and how she chooses to face challenges since then.

As a creative mentor and podcaster, Molly dedicates herself to building safe spaces where people can imagine better ways to create and trust themselves. A self-proclaimed process-based artist, she is passionate about using color and creativity to express the beautiful mess that makes up all our lives.

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