Courageous Wordsmith

Creativity Heals the Heart

Episode Summary

Here's an episode I recorded with Jennifer Bauer in April 2020, about creativity as a healing modality. At the time, we were getting used to quarantining and sharing prompts from her book, Nature Guides. So much has happened since then, but the message holds up, so here it is.

Episode Notes

Jennifer Bauer is a Master Wayfinder Coach, Breathwork Meditation Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Author, and Public Speaker.




This was the quote from David Elliott's Healing:

"The higher dimensional beings, call them God, angels, deities, spirits, masters, or light are choosing to get our attention now. They are calling forth the contracts signed long ago; for many the time of amnesia is over. If you know you are a messenger with a message to deliver, you will have to be the conduit for it soon, otherwise your contract will be taken over by another who will deliver the message, leaving you with a familiar empty feeling. If you know this feeling and you do not like it—get creating now! As you birth the message, those meant to engage with it will find it. Do not worry about the logistics. The higher energies will be your representative, your agent, your curator, your publisher and teammate. Let’s go!"